StoSilent Modular

StoSilent Modular
The variable
ceiling system

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StoSilent Modular

We offer StoSilent Modular in three different materials: PET fibres, expanded glass granulate, and polyester fibres. These materials have special properties which demonstrate high sound absorption and thus promote good room acoustics. Whether rectangular, curved, or freeform - the ceiling elements can be realised according to your wishes.


  • Adjusted reverberation time depending on how the room is used
  • Higher speech intelligibility and lower noise level
  • Function of thermally activated building elements is retained
  • Special formats according to customer requirements
  • Wide range of surfaces and colour design
  • Quick to install and remove

System variants

  • StoSilent Modular 100

Economical solution made of PET nonwoven fibres and an anodised aluminium frame. For regulating reverberation and reducing noise.

  • Low weight
  • High quality, fine nonwoven surface
  • Colour shade white
  • Approx. 26 mm frame height
  • Made of expanded glass granulate (recycled material)
  • Oeko-Tex® certificate for the absorbing material
  • Anodised surface
  • Available up to formats of 3.00 m x 1.25 m
  • 3 suspended variants (vernier hanger, threaded rod, steel wire)
  • StoSilent Modular 230

Acoustic solution consisting of expanded glass granulate boards including finish. Any shape and colour up to formats of 2.40 m x 1.20 m./p>

  • Low weight
  • Fine-textured colour coating, tintable in accordance with the StoColor System
  • 19 mm thick absorbing board
  • Made of expanded glass granulate (recycled material)
  • PET fibre board layer
  • High-quality cable suspension set
  • StoSilent Modular 300

System with relatively thin polyester fibre board and high quality haptic surface. For special design requirements

  • Low weight
  • Highly absorbent
  • High quality, multi-functional carrier profile
  • Installation also as wall panel
  • Minimal design solution with full functionality
  • Wide range of colour shades available
  • StoSilent Modular 400

Individual solution for freely designable ceiling elements

  • Low weight
  • Free shapes possible
  • Plaster-coated with StoSilent Top or StoSilent Decor
  • Made of expanded glass granulate (recycled material)
  • High-quality suspension set in three versions
StoSilent Decor M
StoSilent Decor MF
StoSilent Top Finish
PET fibre nonwoven surface
Polyester fibre nonwoven surface
Fine-textured colour coating.

Surface design

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