StoSilent Distance

StoSilent Distance
The suspended
panel system

Seamless acoustics

StoSilent Distance

The system can be installed as a suspended ceiling or wall cladding with a cavity. The sub-construction is made of metal profiles and the acoustic panel consists of expanded glass granulate. The advantages of this material: it is light, absorbs sound, and can be adjusted to any shape of room to form a homogeneous, seamless surface.


  • Seamless installation possible up to 200 m2
  • Also suitable for curved surfaces and vaults
  • Depending on the system variant, also suitable for damp rooms
  • Conceals the mains utilities
  • Perfusion safe
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System variants

  • StoSilent Distance

Standard system with a wide range of applications. Depending on the acoustic panel and the suspension height, there are different sound absorption values, from αw = 0.45 for a board thickness of 15 mm to αw = 0.60 for a board thickness of 25 mm. Limited combustibility in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1

  • StoSilent Distance A2

The level up from StoSilent Distance. Reaches sound absorption values up to a maximum of αw = 0.80. Non-combustible in accordance with DIN 13501-1

  • StoSilent Distance Flex

Flexible ceiling system. Flexible with a minimum radius of 5 m, sound absorption values up to αw = 0.60. Limited combustibility in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1

StoSilent Decor M
StoSilent Decor MF
StoSilent Top Basic
StoSilent Top Finish

Surface design


You can learn more about StoSilent in our brochure and in the reference book. Or you can schedule a meeting with us.

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