StoSilent Compact

StoSilent Compact
The flexible
render system

Audibly renders acoustics smarter

StoSilent Compact

StoSilent Compact enables seamless, homogeneous surfaces to be quickly realised. The two plaster systems, StoSilent Compact Miral and StoSilent Compact Sil, are absorber solutions which are highly suitable for multi-dimensional, curved surfaces as well. This means that only a minimum amount of room height is lost - highly recommended for low ceiling heights.


  • Good room damping
  • Extensive colour choice
  • Coating on curves and 3D shapes possible
  • Suitable for nearly all types of room

System variants

  • StoSilent Compact Miral

The mineral acoustic plaster on a cement base enables rough surfaces to be produced, ranging from level surfaces through to domes and vaults.

  • Plaster application by machine
  • Sound absorption up to αw = 0.30 (H)
  • Non-combustible in accordance with DIN 13501-1
  • Colour shade standard white
  • Fully tintable with StoSilent Color finish
  • StoSilent Compact Sil

The silicate-bound acoustic plaster is suitable for finely textured surfaces on smooth surfaces and barrel vaults.

  • Manual plaster application
  • Sound absorption up to αw = 0.45
  • Limited combustibility in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1
  • Colour shade standard white
  • Fully tintable with the StoSilent Decor M finish
StoSilent Compact Miral
StoSilent Compact Sil

Surface design


You can learn more about StoSilent in our brochure and in the reference book. Or you can schedule a meeting with us.

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