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Acoustics systems with impressive functionality which also allow complete freedom of design visually. According to Alexander Schauperl, Head of Interiors Business Field at Sto Austria, that doesn't have to be a contradiction in terms for system suppliers these days. He knows from his daily interaction with architects, building physics specialists, and private building owners just how important individual design possibilities are for customers.

  • Mr Schauperl, how important do you think the topic of acoustics is for your customers: are acoustics considered early on in the construction process nowadays, or do you still have to do a lot of convincing?

A. Schauperl: The desire for healthy interiors that improve quality of life is stronger than ever before. Architects, planners, building owners, and we as the system supplier have to work together closely to meet this requirement. That is why acoustics are becoming increasingly important in today's construction process. I am seeing this issue play an ever greater role for everyone involved in the building process. You see, architecture is sometimes characterised by clear, minimalist structures, sound-reflecting walls, open plan rooms, and large glazed surfaces. These factors have an enormous influence on sound. And perfect room acoustics are fundamental to creating comfortable living spaces. That is the challenge we are facing. Our acoustic solutions often provide the crucial contribution for creating the planned “feel-good” rooms.

  • In what respect? Which aspects are especially important to your customers when it comes to acoustics?

A. Schauperl: Architects and building owners are looking for an acoustically brilliant solution at an attractive price. And of course it has to fit in with the overall concept as well.

  • Perfect acoustics that are also visually attractive – isn't that very expensive? How does Sto manage to combine price, quality, and appearance?

A. Schauperl: Of course that is not an easy task for us. Acoustics are an important element that has a substantial influence on people's moods, even if we are not always aware of it. Our company has been looking into this issue across all departments within the Group for several decades. This intensive research and project work helps us greatly with developing innovative products. This is the only way to do justice to this complex issue.

  • How do you ensure the quality and system assurance of Sto acoustic systems?

A. Schauperl: I think our customers always associate Sto with quality. However, we use years of research in the laboratory and compelling sound references to substantiate the system assurance of the solutions. Years of experience go into our products. Only this allows us to offer a product portfolio that goes far beyond other types on the market. Because StoSilent includes solutions for any structural requirement while also opening up new scope for design.

  • What exactly does that mean?

A. Schauperl: Our customers get everything from one single source. Our portfolio does not just offer individual solutions – we think in terms of systems. Architects and building owners require perfectly matched products for any room situation, from acoustic panels to the final coating. We are currently the only manufacturer to offer solution expertise for acoustic systems as well as for acoustic coatings.

  • Do you see any trends in room acoustics?

A. Schauperl: Trends often also mean change, but they primarily reveal movements within society. In construction there is a very clear development towards eco-friendly, sustainable systems and therefore also towards acoustic systems. After all, they promote the feeling of well-being in interiors. The individual surface and colour design of ceiling systems is sure to become increasingly important in this regard. The challenge is to combine acoustic functionality with the planned design and application. Acoustic systems such as StoSilent, with the corresponding technical efficiency, attractive appearance, large design variety, and the required economic efficiency, increase the added value of buildings and will be a clear priority in the future.

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